BOARD FOR 2015-2016


Your 2015/2016 school year HSA board will consist of:

Cindy Castle - President

Christine Vaugh - Vice-President

Yvonne Marple - Secretary

 Betsy Atkinson - Treasurer

email address: 

The Constitution governing the Home and School Association has been written.  One of the many duties of the officers is to assist the Pastor and Principal while representing the parents, for the benefit of the school children.

This is an association that shall assist the Pastor and Principal with services as needed for the advancement of Catholic Education and the welfare of all the school children of the parish. 

It shall help the school increase and improve its services to the children.

It shall endeavor to instill in our children the highest standards of American citizenship.

It shall strive to act in the promotion of parent school activities and to increase, on the part of its members, interest in education and civic affairs.

To contact the HSA Officers, a note can be sent to school, (Attention HSA) or use the suggestion box located in school and the scrip office.  The HSA will contact you by sending home newsletters with upcoming events, activities and answers to suggestions.